Leadership Development Through Community Service

Two Community Events On the Same Day

UCPA 2019 Rubber Duckie Race

On Saturday March 30, 2019, at the Koko Head District Gym, Saron Pin, Richard Luga, Mark Eder, Shawn Unemori was in charge of two kids games for the Easter Egg Hunt. Bowling and Beanie Bag game. The kids had enjoyable time and got to keep the prizes. Wish we could have more people volunteering. After a while, you can get exhausted with the setup.

That goes with the Rubber Duckie race. Their are thousands of ducks in the Ala Wai Canal behind the Hawaii Convention Center. Only a hand full of us were there. Luckily, Aloha International Movers group helped us with the Rubber Duckie pick up. It was long and exhausting but with those who helped out. Especially our State President Nhut Pham, Mahalo for helping us. We are grateful for the help and how we all worked together.