About the RPJ Sports Program

RPJ’s sports program is an integral part of the chapter, and offers members a great opportunity for personal development and to experience team-building practices firsthand.

The chapter’s volleyball leagues are an important part of RPJ as they fund the various events members plan and participate in every year. Currently, RPJ runs coed leagues at Koko Head District Park, Palolo Valley District Park, Kaneohe District Park, and Kalakaua District Park. The chapter also plans volleyball tournaments and workshops for its members and the community.

Not just limited to volleyball, the RPJ sports program has also planned flag football games, softball games, basketball tournaments, kickball games, yoga sessions, and workout boot-camps. RPJ has also sponsored a monthly hike series led by chapter members.

All of the sports events listed above sprung forth from the chapter’s valued members, and RPJ is always looking for new ideas. If you would like to get more involved with the chapter’s sports program, please email

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  1. I would really like to join an adult indoor volleyball team on the island. Jeffery referred me to this site for further assistance. I played volleyball in college and miss it immensely. Any information you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Mahalo
    Donna Arena

  2. Aloha,
    My name is Wesley Sargent. I am very very interested in your volleyball club played at Kaneohe district park. How am I able to be a part of that? Mahalo for your time.

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