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Coed Tennis Programs


Tennis is the newest addition to RPJ’s sports programs. Before attending any of our tennis events, you must submit the RPJ Tennis Survey / Waiver. Once the waiver is complete, please see our Contact RPJ page for more information on how to register and participate.

$30 for RPJ members
$50 for non RPJ members

Want to try just a day of tennis? Contact us for day rates.


RPJ’s first-ever Tennis League began on March 1, 2022!! The League consists of doubles and singles competitions for intermediate to advanced players. Get ready to rumble! It’s Team Logan vs. Team Travis!

(Left) RPJ’s Nhut Pham (Team Travis) is ready to return the ball. (Middle) Honolulu Chinese Jaycees President Danicia Honda (Team Logan) rushes forward to the ball. (Right) Chase Urasaki (Team Travis) demonstrates an ideal ball toss.

Tennis Co-Manager Lori Goo (left) and Danicia Honda (right) prepare for their match by determining which side of the court they will each play on.


Tennis drills teach a specific set of skills that the group needs. It is inclusive for players of all levels (beginner to advanced). We start with physical conditioning, group lessons, and end with drills which practice our newly attained skills. Currently, Tuesday Drills are lead by Coach Joseph Almuena.

Our players practice volleys at the net while others wait in line for their turn.
(Left to Right) Lori Goo, Nhut Pham, Patrick Uyemoto, and RPJ Director Anthony To

(Left to Right) Joseph Almuena and Lori Goo practice their serves.


Jared Lee practices his backhand.

Anthony To prepares his forehand.

Elvin Berzebal prepares his return.