Leadership Development Through Community Service

Membership Quotes

Oscar Andrada Tomas, Jr., Past Sports Director / Volleyball League Competitor
“Being an RPJ member throughout the years has opened many opportunities for me to participate in community events, develop leadership and professional skills, and make positive impacts with like-minded people, to include participating in athletic activities such as our volleyball leagues and clinics for kids.”

Mark Eder, 2021 Director of Marketing
“I joined RPJ to develop my leadership skills, to expand my professional network, and to serve the community

Ryan John Mercado, 2022 Marketing Vice President / Tennis League Competitor
“Being a ‘jaycee’ means to be a living example for the existing generation, both old and new, that will build, solve, and connect their respective community from the disparities caused by the world’s current issues. I also believe that it is a privilege in which we take a role to lead for a better sustainable future.”

Selina Wong, 2022 Corresponding Secretary / Website Manager / Tennis Participant
“I went from being a shut-in to becoming a jaycee, which included attending live events and participating in professional discussions. Thanks to the jaycees, am beginning to understand how my skills and interests can contribute to a non-profit and to helping the community.”

Shawn Unemori, 2021 Chapter President
“We as a chapter started our Virtual Talk Stories series that gave members a chance to increase their self awareness with their mental health, leadership, and personal development.”

Casey China, Past Recording Secretary / Volleyball & Tennis Participant
“As a member of the jaycees, I’ve made great friendships and had fun while serving the community.”

Anthony To, 2022 Director / Tennis Director
“I joined RPJ because I wanted to make a difference in my community, and I felt that RPJ offered the best opportunity for me to achieve that goal.”