Covid-19 Special announcement

The 2020 RPJ Board would want to inform the members and volleyball league players. Please read the letter above.
What you need to know?
Be mindful and considerate. Help us stop spreading germs. Mahalo!

Getting to know the 2020 RPJ Board.

This year we want you to know who we are and what our background is about. Check out their full story on our About page in the Tab Menu. We hope to better serve you and be the best chapter for individuals like you.

The Rising Stars of 2019

Rising Phoenix Jaycees held their 2019 Awards & Installation Luncheon on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at Topa Financial Tower in Downtown. Fukuya Delicatessen catered the event with almost 40 people from different chapters in attendance.

Kerry Yamamoto & Carli Oshiro received an award for Outstanding New Member. With the Award they both received a member’s voucher.
Mark Eder receives the Most Attended RPJ Events Award. 16 out of 34 events in 2019.
Eve Epitome has been the backbone of RPJ and JCI Hawaii. She has a huge passion for the Jaycees. She receives the Rising Phoenix All-Star Award for her hard work, mentorship with the 2019 RPJ board, chairing the Spikes For Tykes Volleyball Tournament, and Year End Convention.

We closed our event with the Installation of our 2020 Board of Directors. Please congratulate our 2020 RPJ Board of Directors and President Saron Pin for being inducted to manage the greatest chapter in JCI Hawaii.

Hello, 2020! How’s my Vision?

President Saron addressees the Members in what’s to come in 2020. Located at Keauhou Place. Very nice venue.

To kickstart the new year. We had our General Membership Meeting at Saron’s friend’s place. It had a pool and a BBQ grill outside. The food provided by Rick Luga, Ashly Nakao, & Kerry Y. Other chapters who came were Honolulu Chinese Jaycees President Andrew Lee, & Filipino Junior Chamber President Tiffany Salvador. They came to share their announcements from their chapter.

Filipino Junior Chamber President Tiffany Salvador shares their upcoming events such as Financial Literacy Workshop, Awards & Installation Banquet, & their Valentines Day Social: Factory Tour/Chocolate Making Experiences.
Honolulu Chinese Jaycees President Andrew Lee shares his announcement such as their Awards and Installation Ceremony & Dumpling Night.
Special thanks to Dennis Ishizaki for grilling the steaks and hotdogs.
Members enjoying the food. Shawn Unemori and Patrick Tomiyasu.
Patrick Tomiyasu announcing from the JCI Hawaii Senates/Old-Timers Club about their Recognition Banquet.

Congrats to Shawn Unemori!

First Place Write-up & Master Speak-up Winner Shawn Unemori. This was not an easy road. This member from RPJ wanted to improve his writing and speaking skills. Shawn graduated in 2001 at Moanalua High School. His life had some challenges, his confidence was not good enough, he was an introvert, and he had a mental disability. He can respond slow at times, his speech is sometimes slurred. and his tonality is often hard to hear. However, if you respond well he can manage. He works as a Donation Attendant at Goodwill Hawaii. He believes in leadership and positive change. His passion of learning is always collaboration and teamwork. With the use of constructive criticism, Projects and Issues can be overcome with experience and learning what you have failed at. Fear will always be a challenge, it is what you do with it that defines your character inside you.