Leadership Development Through Community Service

Moving Forward

Elvin Berzabal (center, next to TV) leads the membership orientation. Another orientation for August is in the works.

New Members and Old Friends Share Ideas with 2012 Board at Membership Retreat
Winston Chow leads a presentation on Community Service.

Every now and then folks need to take a step back and review where they’ve been before moving forward. Several members and friends helped the 2012 chapter board of directors do just that this past weekend in Laie at RPJ’s Membership Retreat.
The retreat also served as RPJ’s first membership orientation of the year. Did you know that RPJ began as an organization for young women? If you attended, you would’ve learned that fact along with several other ones about the chapter. The orientation also gave an overview of the state, national and international levels of the junior chamber. Please check out more pics and other highlights of the retreat after the break.

Elvin Berzabal (center) with Sara King and Stan Fichtman team up for a membership activity.

  • Hawaii Junior Chamber President Eve Epitome spoke about individual competitions. She said members should use the training and competitions as supplements for their leadership development.
  • RPJ Director Winston Chow spoke about the many community service projects that the chapter is involved with. He also presented the history and a few fun facts about some of the projects.
  • RPJ Membership Development Vice President Nathan Martin led a brainstorming session about membership projects. His goal was to show that any idea could lead to an event or project.
  • U.S. Junior Chamber National Vice President Stan Fichtman discussed the workings of the U.S. Junior Chamber and gave a brief overview of  Hawaii’s role in the organization and the role of the NVPs.

Mike Young makes his dinner at the retreat Saturday night.

It wasn’t all work at the retreat as members and friends bonded over fun games and good food. Not even a blackout or the rain Saturday night could dampen folks’ mood. Many thanks to Jason King for spearheading the retreat. Hopefully, this will be a template for future ones. Special thanks to former RPJ presidents Jon Nishihara and Irwin Nakasone for their guidance that weekend, too.
Jason King cooking up breakfast Saturday morning at the retreat.

The view from the beach house balcony at the retreat.