Leadership Development Through Community Service

New Faces in the Flock

2012 RPJ President Elvin (right) swears in new members Joshua (left) and Alan (middle) at April’s membership meeting at Bikini Cantina.

This month’s general membership meeting welcomed the addition of two new members: Joshua Ko and Alan Obara.  Joshua and Alan play on Nathan Martin’s (2012 Membership VP) team in Sunday’s volleyball league. Please say hello to them before you send a spike their way. The chapter also filled out the last three spots in the upcoming Sunday advanced volleyball league at Palolo, which promises to be a competitive one with many new and familiar faces.
RPJ also began signing up volunteers for the Special Olympics’ Summer Games at Manoa. The chapter needs 25 volunteers for the Saturday, May 26th shift from 11:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Please read all of the details on RPJ’s Facebook page.
The chapter also announced a $20 subsidy for the first 10 members who want to attend this month’s Hawaii Junior Chamber First Trimester Convention. A great deal for three days of entertainment, food, workshops and fellowship.