Leadership Development Through Community Service

Aloha from Chicago

'Banzai Party' run by the Hawaii Delegation

ONTO Chicago will definitely be a trip to remember.  Everywhere we went people recognized our beautiful Aloha shirts because the Hawaii Jaycees have ‘style’.  Above is a picture before the Banzai Party run by the Hawaii Delegation that was a fundraiser to help pay for our trip.
TOYA – Hawaii Delegation

Two winners of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) have Hawaii ties.  Shane Victorino was nominated by RPJ member Eve Epitome, and Lucas Daniel Boyce was recommended by RPJ member Roger Gumerman to the Florida Jaycees.

Wisdom teaches us that frustration is a life lesson and how we deal with it defines character.  There were several life lessons in Chicago, coping, acceptance, friendship.  And no trophy is big enough to represent how the Hawaii Jaycees have developed their leadership skills this month.
ONTO Chairperson – Eve Epitome

This trip was headed by ONTO Chairperson Eve Epitome (left).  She helped organize practices, raised money, made hotel reservations, constructed an itinerary, and made travel arrangements for the Hawaii delegation.