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Saturday in the Park: The 2010 Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny made an early appearance for the 2010 Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt. The event was held Saturday, March 27th, one week before Easter Sunday. The turnout wasn’t as large as last year’s event, but there were still hundreds of children and parents on hand at the Kaimuki District Park on Waialae Avenue ready to participate in the annual egg hunt and play at the various game booths. RPJ manned one of the booths, entertaining the kiddies with a bean toss game and a bowling game. Much mahalo to all who volunteered for the project, and please check out the pics after the jump!

Bowling for a strike…or at least a pin.

The bean toss game in action.

The hustle and bustle at RPJ's game booth.

The hunt is on!