Leadership Development Through Community Service

Close Call

New Venue, Same Great Action
The Cool Blue all-stars took out team Mellow Yellow 37-28 Sunday morning at RPJ’s first coed flag football game of the year with the difference being the touchdown scored by new RPJ Sports Director Joy Awakuni. The matchup—dubbed the No-Pro Bowl and held at the Ala Pu‘umalu Community Park in Salt Lake—was shaping out to be a blowout as Cool Blue took a commanding two touchdown lead at halftime, but Mellow Yellow—led by new RPJ President Winston Chow and Executive VP Anthony Higa—scored twice in the third quarter and limited Cool Blue to only one possession in the quarter. But Cool Blue—spearheaded by 2010 Director-at-Large Mark Kazunaga—played strong defense in the fourth quarter and added another touchdown to seal the victory. Thirteen players participated in the game, including members from RPJ, the Honolulu Filipino Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees.