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Alternative Venues Being Sought
Yesterday Palolo Gym Director Bert Fishman informed RPJ President Eve Epitome that the gym cannot remain open on Sundays past 5:00 pm until further notice. The weekend gym rental time was slashed due to city and county budget cuts. Fishman and the chapter are working together to find a solution, and in the meantime, alternative league venues are being sought. Koko Head Gym (home of the chapter’s Monday league) has tentatively offered Wednesday nights to RPJ, but any opening at the Lanakila Gym will not be available until next year. Another option may be shorter leagues similar to the four-week Saturday league at Manoa Gym. All Sunday team captains, please inform your players. Any new developments will be sent out as soon as possible. Please leave a comment here on the blog or e-mail risingphoenixjaycees@yahoo.com if you have any other alternative venue ideas, and all members are encouraged to attend the Thursday, November 12th General Membership Meeting at Maple Garden.