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Tag: 2021 Events

  • 2021 RPJ Fantasy Football Winners

    Our 2021 Fantasy Football League has come to a close. Starting with RPJ Ballers, coming in 1st Place is Danicia Honda (HCJ), 2nd place is Ryan Lee, and third place is Eve Epitome. In our Phoenix Cinematic League coming in 1st place is Jonathan Tanji, 2nd place Mike Young, and in third place Mark Napierkowski. […]

  • August GMM / Virtual Talk Story Highlights

    Quote from the Avengers: Infinity War: “The hardest choices requires the strongest will.” Not everything may go as perfect as planned. Especially with the rising cases in Covid. The key is to have a strong vision and a reasonable goal. Overcome challenges by focusing on the end result. RPJ would like to extend our great […]

  • July GMM/ Virtual Talk Story

    This past Wednesday on July 28, 2021, RPJ held our Membership Meeting on Zoom. I am grateful for the other chapters who offered some advice for our upcoming events. Secondly, we had a great topic Discussion on Core Values. It is the source of that person’s belief and the drive of that person’s character. Whether […]