Erin Lambert – Marketing Director

unnamed-7Erin was born on the island of Oahu and raised in its quiet city of Kaneohe. Growing up, her fine arts teacher told her “This is wrong! There is only one way to make art!” Taken aback, she decided to prove her statement wrong by graduating from Honolulu Community College with a Communication Arts degree. There and afterwards she was constantly pushing the grid. She had a need for everything she created to have movement, be trendy, but with a good foundation of solid technique. She’s had quite the adventure and currently is employed as a Keyholder at Cookie’s Boutique as well as a Graphic Designer at Unlimited Designs. In her free time she enjoys hiking, wire wrapping, collecting crystals, fashion, cats, and drinking excessive amounts of sparkling water. This year on the board, her goal is to raise awareness throughout the community as well as to fix and improve existing systems through innovative and effective practices. She would like to work with the Board to be a strong inspiration and motivation for future Boards to carry on the Rising Phoenix legacy.