Leadership Development Through Community Service

Category: Trainings & Workshops

  • Moving Forward

    New Members and Old Friends Share Ideas with 2012 Board at Membership Retreat Every now and then folks need to take a step back and review where they’ve been before moving forward. Several members and friends helped the 2012 chapter board of directors do just that this past weekend in Laie at RPJ’s Membership Retreat. […]

  • Recap of the First Trimester Convention

    by Nathan Martin, Membership Development Vice President Networking. Training. Knowledge. Fun. These are just a few adjectives that describe the experiences received during the Jaycees First Trimester Convention of 2012. Held at various locations from April 27-29, members were offered a plethora of knowledge and skills from guest speakers and other Jaycee members. It provided […]

  • $20 Off April Convention

    The chapter is offering the first 1o members a $20 discount on the Hawaii Junior Chamber’s first convention of the year. This is a great opportunity to network with members from other chapters and attend high-level training workshops that would normally cost hundreds of dollars more. If you can’t attend the whole convention, there are […]

  • New Faces in the Flock

    This month’s general membership meeting welcomed the addition of two new members: Joshua Ko and Alan Obara.  Joshua and Alan play on Nathan Martin’s (2012 Membership VP) team in Sunday’s volleyball league. Please say hello to them before you send a spike their way. The chapter also filled out the last three spots in the upcoming […]

  • 1st Trimester 2011

    On April 16th 2011 RPJ got trained and were recognized for their outstanding work.  Congratulations to the following RPJ members who won the State Jaycee awards for the 1st Trimester Stacie Ito – Outstanding Member Mark Parel – Outstanding New Member Jarvis Graham – Outstanding Community Development VP Eugen Schlosser – Outstanding Individual Development VP […]