Leadership Development Through Community Service

2021 Reflection and A New Year

Reflecting on 2021. COVID-19 still continues on. However RPJ legacy remains resilient throughout this pandemic. We are still grateful for our volleyball leagues and Tennis Meetups. This chapter grew by 4 members. In our chapter their our 4 areas of opportunity to focus on your growth in the Jaycees. 1. Business Development 2. Individual Development 3. Community Development 4. International Development. It’s your choice to choose where you want to focus on. You set the standards and expectations and raise it for you and your committee. The experience and skills will develop as you learn how to manage a project with a group of your teammates. Do not forget to ask for help as you manage your skills and organize yourself as you make the project in your area of opportunities to be better. Once you understand the concept, your development will help you to be more confident and grow as a leader. Happy New Year RPJ members and JCI chapters around the world. Continue to Build, Connect, and Expand your JCI chapter’s organization. #happynewyear #2022 #rpjrocks #jci #jciusa #jcihawaii #buildconnectexpand