Leadership Development Through Community Service

Virtual Talk Story: Leadership Meaning and Importance.

January GMM/ Virtual Talk Story on What does Leadership mean to you?
February GMM/ Virtual Talk Story on the topic of Is leadership important in today’s society?

The Jaycees is an organization that helps young adults between 18 and 40 to develop leadership skills. President Shawn Unemori wanted to help build confidence with members and other chapters under the 2021 theme Build • Connect • Expand. Speaking is a skill that is necessary for our marketing, our meetings, and most importantly our community. We should learn and practice that skill. The Jaycees also have writing and speaking competitions. It’s not about winning or where you place; it’s always about becoming a better you. Development is important. That’s what we value most.

The Virtual Talk Stories are another resource to help you understand what we do. Sometimes we do things without preparing and sometimes we are unaware. While we wait for lockdown restrictions to be gradually lifted, we chose to work on ourselves. It’s time to cultivate great leaders. Join in the fun.