Leadership Development Through Community Service

Congrats to Shawn Unemori!

First Place Write-up & Master Speak-up Winner Shawn Unemori. This was not an easy road. This member from RPJ wanted to improve his writing and speaking skills. Shawn graduated in 2001 at Moanalua High School. His life had some challenges, his confidence was not good enough, he was an introvert, and he had a mental disability. He can respond slow at times, his speech is sometimes slurred. and his tonality is often hard to hear. However, if you respond well he can manage. He works as a Donation Attendant at Goodwill Hawaii. He believes in leadership and positive change. His passion of learning is always collaboration and teamwork. With the use of constructive criticism, Projects and Issues can be overcome with experience and learning what you have failed at. Fear will always be a challenge, it is what you do with it that defines your character inside you.