Leadership Development Through Community Service

Sold Out Avengers Endgame Movie Night was Successful!

Chairperson and RPJ Director of Communications Shawn Unemori successfully brought 28 attendees to watch the Avengers Endgame on Sunday April 28, 2019. How did he do it? All it takes is a positive attitude and the right motivation to do it. However it was successfully achieved. The movie was a box office hit and made over $357 million dollars in its first weekend and $1.2 Billion dollars worldwide. Just wanted to thank a few key people who helped with the project. Jeffrey Davis who brought his co-workers and friends, Jon K. Nishihara who helped with checking off the list of people who attended, RPJ Board with Iris Chang who saved seats, and everyone else who attended on time. Especially we had Filipino Junior Chamber like Patrick Comiso and Rachel Cabanizas.

As for the movie it was 3 hours, super well done, and epically entertaining. You definitely need to see it. We’ll keep you posted for movie night events.