Leadership Development Through Community Service

RPJ Gets Their Ducks in a Row for the UCPA 29th Annual Rubber Duckie Race

RPJ members and friends came out on sunny Saturday morning in March for the United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCPA) 29th Annual Rubber Duckie Race held at McCully Shopping Center and the Ala Wai Canal. During the month of March, RPJ members helped to sell duck adoption certificates to the public to help fundraise for UCPA. We reached our goal of $1000!! Prior to the day of the event, RPJ also helps UCPA to tag the ducks in preparation for race day.

According to Donna Fouts, UCPA Executive Director, “The Rubber Duckie Race is the largest and most successful fundraiser for UCPA.”

On race day, RPJ had a tent at McCully Shopping Center, which housed a mini bowling and fishing game for kids. Many of the kids were thrilled to play the games to win prizes!! When it was close to race time, volunteers walked over to the Ala Wai Canal, where the ducks were housed in large wooden crates waiting to be released upon the countdown to the start of the race. As the emcee counted down the crates were lifted over the edge of the Ala Wai Canal Bridge and the ducks were on their way!! Some ducks swam, some waddled, and some needed a little push to get going. About twenty minutes later RPJ and friends were at the finish line to collect and bag the ducks for the next race!!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to make this event successful!