Membership Retreat Recap

Crazy fun at camp this past weekend!!! We gathered at camp Malaekahana for our annual Membership Retreat. Our retreat served many purposes: educate & teach, group bonding, and planning for the future of our chapter. The severe weather held up for us and we were able to enjoy camp the best we could!

Friday – We enjoyed the pleasure of setting up camp. We also played volleyball, football, frisbee, and corn hole. As the night came, we got more intimate and played several games – So you think you know our board members, Two truths and one lie, Table topics, and Cards Against Humanity!

20150821_224721_resized 20150822_141400_resized
Saturday – Rise and shine with breakfast and early showers. Morning nerf and water gun battles kept us entertained as we waited for more members to arrive.

We were fortunaFB_IMG_1440309388989te enough to have our very own past president, Eve Epitome, conduct our Jaycee Membership Orientation. With the organization’s rich history, it was important that we kept everyone in the loop of how we came about and what makes our organization unique from others. The chapter boFB_IMG_1440309331825ard members summarized projects completed in 2015 and talked about current, ongoing, and future partnerships with our community. One of our main goals is to build and connect with more organizations and provide more awareness about our organization. We also formally launched our Membership Incentive Program, please talk to one of our board members regarding this incentive!

To follow, the group did a Project Management Guide (PMG) Exercise, where their task was to plan a project that the chapter could do. The point of the exercise was to drill the importantance of PMGs, as this is necessary to planning successful projects and running a project in our chapter in general. Stay tunned for our hiking & clean-up event coming up!

FB_IMG_1440309247300We breaked for lunch and had the blessed opportunity to have 3 of our past chapter president’s share their experiences in the chapter with our Hours of Powers session. We were fortunate to have, Past President Jon, Past President Nadine, and Past President Bertha join us during our retreat. As a result, it definitely instilled excitement and power to do better and do more for ourselves and our community.

New members are imp20150822_140459_resizederative to any organization. This weekend, we had the blessed opportunity of installing 4 new members to RPJ – Andy, Casey, Ashly, and Jenson. It’s refreshing to see how excited and involved they have been over the past couple of months and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the near future. 😉

We enjoyed a few hours in the sun by swimming and burying President Karen in the sand. Saturday night came and we enjoyed playing rounds of beer bong and minute to win it games.

Members were able to get very intimate with each other this weekend as you see with the photos. It was an amazing weekend that we will always remember.

20150822_225527_resized 20150822_225539_resized


About RPJ Hawaii

The Rising Phoenix Junior Chamber of Commerce (RPJ) is a leadership development organization for individuals ages 21-40. Members develop leadership skills through the planning and management of various projects and events in three key areas: community development, business development, and individual development. RPJ is one of nine chapters of the Hawaii Junior Chamber, and it is affiliated with the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International (JCI).
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