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On Sunday, May 18th, Rising Phoenix Jaycees joined forces with art students from Waipahu, Aiea, and Radford High Schools to put the finishing touches on a part of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART)’s pilot beautification project, “Art for HART”. The various high schools each developed their own vision for a section of the 210-foot-long stretch of wall on the Pearlridge Center Station building next to Territorial Bank. The day before, they outlined and painted the basic shapes for their respective visions. All painting needed to be done by the end of the weekend, so that a sealer could be applied to preserve the mural’s color vibrancy.

With no time to waste, Jaycees helped set up the painting supplies and washed out the used brushes and paint containers so that the students could continue painting through the day. We also took on the daunting task of adding texture to the large sections of grass in the mural, from the floor to above eye-level. This required mixing various colors of paint to create both dark and light shades of green, and layering both with appropriate strokes to match the high school artists’ technique.

Thanks to the hard work of all parties, the property that had previously been a graffiti-ridden eyesore in the community now boasts a mural with the theme “Connecting Communities – Live, Work, Play, and Ride.” The mural depicts local favorites such as spam musubi and shave ice, as well as iconic destinations such as Aloha Stadium, the 50th State Fair, and the Arizona Memorial. The next time you’re in the area, swing by and check out this example of Jaycees enacting positive change in the community.

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About RPJ Hawaii

The Rising Phoenix Junior Chamber of Commerce (RPJ) is a leadership development organization for individuals ages 21-40. Members develop leadership skills through the planning and management of various projects and events in three key areas: community development, business development, and individual development. RPJ is one of nine chapters of the Hawaii Junior Chamber, and it is affiliated with the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International (JCI).
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