Leadership Development Through Community Service


wpid-wp-1397720880884.jpegKokohead Easter Egg Hunt
With Easter just around the corner, what more to do then to create a fun filled event for children around the island of Oahu. For the past years, the Rising Phoenix Jaycees has shown commitment and dedication through leadership that they have what it takes to put smiles and laughter to each and every child who attends this event.
By bringing RPJ members together as one and creating fun filled games for the children demonstrates each members ability to strive for great achievements and serve as a positive role model for the up and coming future. By promoting such a joyful event, we the Rising Phoenix Jaycees has built a ladder of great expectations and plan to achieve and cherish the moments to become.
As I Kalipo Harvest been given the chance to chair such a memorable event has lead me down a road of humbleness and respect for the human world. This event has also taught me the true meaning of Easter which is the celebration of Jesus resurrection from the dead, and the importance of not just giving back to the community, but showing appreciation for people of all walks of life and finding dignity within yourself.
By the product here today, it is safe to say that the Rising Phoenix Jaycees has achieved their goal. RPJ is much more than a chapter, but a commitment to creating awareness and giving back to the community that one point in time was forbidden to thrive. Today I reap the fruits of labor of the many generations that have paved way to keep the Rising Phoenix Jaycees on top.
A special thanks to all the hardworking RPJ members that took part in such a wonderful event Kanani Pang, Karen Nakagawa, Nathan Martin, Adina Wakayama, Ben McKinney, Jonah Smith and Kalipo Harvest.
Mahalo Nui Loa,
Kalipo Harvest
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