Leadership Development Through Community Service

"RPJ Social Brings Members Together"

The sport of volleyball plays an important role in Hawaii’s culture.  Whether you play the sport as an athlete or watch it as a spectator, it brings people from different backgrounds together.     As members of Rising Phoenix Jaycee, we all came together for the love of the sport, to bond with one another, and to show support for our University of Hawaii men’s volleyball team.
The Rising Phoenix Jaycee event brought everyone together and it was a great way to show support for Joby and his family.  We had the opportunity to watch the game amongst fans of the sport and fellow members of RPJ.  And as one team, we came together to accomplish a purpose, which was to represent RPJ in the community.
The bonding experience played a vital role because it was a perfect way to network and meet people for the first time.  Not only did we get to enjoy the night with other members, but we  also got to know my teammates off the court.  We shared personal experiences, laughing at the past moments that happened on the court during our league plays. Finding common bonds with one another brought us all together.  As for myself, it was great to experience the opportunity of bonding with members and players of the volleyball league.
The event brought long term members, new members, and potential member together under one roof.  It was good to see how everyone was off the court because not only were we able to cheer on our home team on their senior night, but we were able to build long lasting relationships with one another.  By creating long lasting memories with one another, we are able to work not only represent RPJ, but to spread the word of what we do.
A Big Mahalo to Membership Director, Anna Lee and RPJ member Kori Abraham for putting together this event!
-Submitted by RPJ Member Jeff Aglanao