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27th Annual Rubber Duckie Race

And they're off!!!
And they’re off!!!

RPJ member Jenny Migita tagging the duckies
RPJ member Jenny Migita tagging the duckies

The United Cerebral Palsy Association kicked off their 27th Annual Rubber Duckie Race on Saturday, March 23rd. RPJ had the opportunity once again to be part of this great cause! This year we were  blessed with sunny skies and a nice cool breeze to guide the duckies down the stream. Prior to the rubber duckie race, the event kicked off on Thursday, March 20th with the Duck tagging event. Every duck that was adopted was given a lucky number to wear around their neck as the float down to the finish line. Some of our members helped out to tag our guest of honors (ducks) with these lucky numbers.  “It was my first experience with this process and I must say I had a lot of fun and great pleasure socializing with other members.”- (Dani White, RPJ Communications Director).
On race day, all of our volunteers met at the McCully shopping center then walked to the Kalakaua Bridge to prep for the race. At the top of the bridge 6 large yellow crates were filled with eager ducks ready to start the race! At exactly 1:27pm, the ducks were released and they were off! We had 3 of our members, Anna Lee, Joseph White, and Ben McKinney standing by on one end of the bridge with poles in hand to help guide our little duckies away from the brick walls. Once the last duck crossed the finish line, our brave members Nate Martin, Ryan Murabayashi, Daniel Ishii, and Nhut Pham stepped into the Ala Wai Canal to gather the ducks. It’s a dirty job but somebody had to do it! We had an assembly line going where volunteers/members were standing by with large trash bags in hand to capture the ducks once they were fished out of the canal. Then the ducks were put into a truck where they will be washed up for their debut once again next year!
I am also happy to announce that RPJ were able to raise $1000 in monetary donations for the adoption of ducks which also includes a donation from First Insurance of Hawaii!!! Thank you, First Insurance of Hawaii for your donation!!!
A Huge Thank You to all of our great volunteers without you this wouldn’t have been possible:
Jenny Migita, Les Kwock, Anna Lee, Elvin Berzabal, Erica Lee, Eve Epitome, Jorge Jaime, Joseph White, Dani White, Riva Torno , Maika Saguid, Nate Martin, Ryan Murabayashi, Daniel Ishii, Nhut Pham, and Ben McKinney.
Thank you to Executive Director of UCPA, Donna Fouts for allowing us to participate and help in their annual UCPA Rubber Duckie Race!!!