Leadership Development Through Community Service

26th Annual UCPA Rubber Duckie Race

The Rising Phoenix Jaycees (RPJ) had another great opportunity to help in the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii (UCPA) Rubber Duckie Race!  The event kicked off on Thursday prior to the race with the duck tagging.  A good number of volunteers came out to tag all of 4,000+ duckies that evening.  Each duck was tagged with rubber duckie love and a lucky number.  RPJ was able to work in conjunction with HPU nursing students in both the duck tagging and the race festivities on Saturday.
The Rising Phoenix Jaycees along with many other community individuals were able to assist the the UCPA Rubber Duckie Race in the morning prior to the race.  With our bright red t-shirts and our fish nets, we set out for a few hours out on the side of the streets requesting for donations.  Some of us even braved the streets.  So many generous donations were collected resulting in many happy hearts and smiling faces.  “Donation? Sure, I’ll be glad to…” were words from someone making a donation that morning.
Around noon it was time to prep for the race. Although Mother Nature decided to rain, the Rising Phoenix Jaycees did not let this rain on their parade. With supplies in tote and smiles on their face the Jaycees , HPU nursing students and Marines from the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base gathered at the Kalakua Bridge to start the race. At exactly 1:16 p.m. several large crates, filled with thousands of yellow rubber duckies, were lifted over the bridge and poured into the Ala Wai Canal.
For the first time in Rubber Duckie Race history the finish line was moved forward in order for the race to be complete. After the 50 winning ducks were collected, the Jaycees and the volunteers from the Marine Corps Base lead by President Nathan Martin, who was knee deep in the Ala Wai canal, started gathering the rubber duckies. Using laundry baskets, muscles and manpower the duckies were out of the canal in a record 30 minutes.
The Rising Pheonix Jaycees would like to thank the Hawaii Kai Jaycees, the HPU nursing students and the Marines from the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base for helping accomplish another wonderful Rubber Duckie Race. We could not have accomplished this without you all.
– Submitted by Community Development Vice President Jarvis Graham