Leadership Development Through Community Service

RPJ Easter Egg Hunt Volunteer Opportunity Recap

This past weekend, volunteers from the Rising Phoenix Jaycees chapter volunteered at the Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt and the Koko Head Easter Egg Hunt. The RPJ plays volleyball at Koko Head District Park where that respective hunt was held. Members and guests were able to facilitate a game booth for more than 500 kids who participated in both hunts that morning. The chapter also donated bags of candy to use as prizes.
At the Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt, kids were able to play the matching game, where they matched the baby animals with their mommy animals — a game that was created last year by two of our members, Dawn Martin & Sara King.  Special appearances were made by Shaggy and Fluffball, two beautiful Angora rabbits that the kids and families adored.
The RPJ Board of Directors would like to thank Erica Lee for chairing the Koko Head Easter Egg Hunt and Jarvis Graham and Karen Nakagawa for taking the lead on the Kaimuki Hunt.  Kids were able to enjoy a fun game of indoor bowling with our members.  The smiles and laughter that came with each bowl could not have made the day any better.
Thank you to all our volunteers for helping out and spending your time with us.  We hope you can join us again next year! Check out some photos from the event: