Leadership Development Through Community Service

RPJ 2013 Board of Directors Election Meeting Next Tuesday

Cast your vote for next year’s leaders!

Election Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, November 13th, 6 p.m. at Bikini Cantina in the Aloha Tower Marketplace
Now that we’ve elected city, state and national leaders, it’s time to get down to real business and vote for really important people, the 2013 RPJ Board of Directors! The chapter opened up nominations for next year’s board in September, and every position is open from director to president.
Here is a rundown on a few of the positions:

  • President: The president is the chief executive officer and guiding force in the chapter. He or she presides over the Board of Directors and the membership and ensures that the Board acts in concert with the desires of the membership, blending community and member needs together for mutual benefit. The President encourages involvement and leads by example, getting to know members, recruiting new members, and becoming personally involved in chapter projects. The President should lead the chapter in a manner that will fulfill its purpose to create an atmosphere in which the member can receive the benefits of membership, the image of the chapter is enhanced, and members of the community receive assistance through activities that show positive results.
  • Management Development Vice President (Executive Vice President): The Management Development Vice President keeps up with what’s going on and who’s doing it. Why? Because each member must be involved in the Junior Chamber to get any benefit from it. Management Development is the area that tracks the “health” of the chapter by knowing about progress being made on the accomplishments of chapter goals. The EVP also leads strategic planning sessions and supervises and trains directors and project managers.
  • Individual Development Vice President (Membership): The Individual Development Vice President (IDVP) is the leader in member advancement. It is through the efforts of the Individual Development Vice President that the requests and needs of the members are addressed through membership surveys and action plans based on survey results. Member services such as new-member orientations and training are administered by the IDVP. The main goal of the individual development vice president is the life improvement of the member.
  • Community Development Vice President: The Community Development Vice President (CDVP) is the leader in community advancement. He or she directs efforts to identify community needs (community service, fundraising, governmental involvement, etc.) and selects (with the Board) the ones the chapter can effect and the best way to achieve results. The CDVP serves as or oversees a liaison between the chapter and the community (i.e. city/state government, Chamber of Commerce, other civic organizations, schools, etc.) and develops the membership’s awareness of community issues.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer communicates regularly with the Chapter President, and also reports to the Board and membership on the financial status of the chapter. In this capacity, the Treasurer works with the Vice Presidents to ensure that they are provided with the information they need for various projects and programs. When funding is unavailable, the Treasurer recommends alternative ideas such as in-kind donations. The treasurer is also responsible for filing appropriate paperwork in a timely manner, according to federal, state and local laws and ensures the fiscal stability of the chapter by reviewing bank statements and monies paid out monthly.
  • Corresponding Secretary (Public Relations): The Secretary’s role has expanded somewhat over the years. No longer tied to monthly printed newsletters and postcard mailers, the corresponding secretary can use every social media tool at his or her disposal to expand the chapter’s image and engage its membership. RPJ employs the usual suspects of social networking: Facebook, blogs, e-mail, and the chapter is always looking to refine and enhance its online image. Interested members can learn on-the-job, and no experience is needed (but it will be helpful).
  • Sports Director:  RPJ’s sports director is both an enviable and difficult position. He or she is responsible for the maintenance of the chapter’s main fundraising tool: the volleyball leagues. The sports director obtains gym permits and trains league managers. The sports director also fields questions from the membership regarding the leagues and reports any problems to the Board. He or she can also plan other sports-related membership activities and events based on survey results.
  • Directors-at-Large: The directors are the eyes and ears of the Board. They represent the area vice presidents, and they lead in the selection and training of members for various projects and events. Directors have the experience to guide new members, and can be called upon to assist the Board on every level.