Leadership Development Through Community Service

New Members Galore!

Hawaii Jaycees President Eve Epitome (left) swears in new RPJ members Dani and Joe White at the chapter’s August 20 Membership Orientation/Volleyball Free-Play at Koko Head District Park Gym.

Three New Members Already Active in Chapter
RPJ officially swore in three new members this month: Dani White, Joe White and Jenny Migita. Dani and Joe moved to Hawaii from Texas over a year ago, and they’ve been active in the chapter since before they were officially sworn. They volunteered at the chapter’s game booth at the Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt and the UCPA Rubber Duckie Race, and they also attended RPJ’s first membership retreat in Laie. The duo also helped at an Adopt-A-School Day project last October. Dani recently volunteered this month at the Special Olympics Aukake Classic in Pearl City. Here’s hoping we don’t tire out this wonderful couple.
New RPJ member Jenny Migita (in purple) after taking the official member oath of the Hawaii Junior Chamber. She’s posing with another new member from the Hawaii Kai Jaycees, state president Eve Epitome (far left) and United States Junior Chamber National President Travis Ahlquist.

New member Jenny Migita first encountered the chapter months ago when she subbed on a Sunday league volleyball team. She wanted to join to play more volleyball, but then the Sunday leagues were put on hiatus. However, Jenny still joined, and with the recent return of the Sunday leagues, she’s also back on the courts. Jenny attended her first general membership meeting last month, and she volunteered for the first time at the Special Olympics Aukake Classic.