Leadership Development Through Community Service

Recognizing Good Deeds and Great Efforts

State president Eve Epitome onstage with RPJ’s Nathan Martin after receiving his medal for Outstanding Membership Development Vice President.

Several RPJ Member Earn Awards at Convention
Volunteering can sometimes be hard work, and every volunteer should get a pat on the back.
Or a medal.
That’s what eight RPJ members received at the Hawaii Junior Chamber of Commerce’s First Trimester Convention Banquet, held Saturday, April 28 at the Honolulu Design Center’s Cupola Theater. Read the rundown on the winners after the break.

Eve Epitome with Dan Bayly and Sarah King

Outstanding New Members of the Trimester: Dan Bayly and Sarah King
Dan has helped the chapter in the past numerous times, and he finally joined in January. Over the past few months, Dan renovated the Hawaii Jaycees’ state office, volunteered at the Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt game booth, and led the chapter with 50 ducks adopted for the United Cerebral Palsy Association’s Rubber Duckie Race.

Sarah has also volunteered with the chapter in the past, and she finally joined in February. She attended the Hawaii Jaycees’ Chairman’s Planning Guide (CPG) workshop to learn about project management, and she successfully co-chaired the game booth at the Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt, her first project. Sara and her team created a new animal matching game and 400 hand-made paper candy boxes to give to the keiki.
(from left) Eve Epitome with Outstanding Members Dawn Martin, Adalberto Rios and Kristine Duong.
Outstanding Member of the Trimester: Dawn Martin
Dawn served as RPJ’s sports director in 2009, and she remains an asset not only to the chapter but to the Hawaii Jaycees, too. Her company sponsored the renovation of the Hawaii Jaycees’ state office. Dawn was  also Sarah’s co-chair for the game booth, and she even volunteered her rabbit Frankenstein, too. She also attended the CPG workshop with Sarah.
Eve Epitome with Elvin Berzabal and Winston Chow. Elvin accepted Mike Young’s medal as Mike was on vacation in the Netherlands at the time.

Outstanding Directors of the Trimester: Mike Young and Winston Chow
Mike stepped up to be the sports director this year, and he brought along some of this co-workers, too, as he negotiated the sponsorship of his Sunday volleyball team by the firm he works for. He and Winston also teamed together to purchase and deliver toys and candy to the Koko Head Easter Egg Hunt.

 Winston (2010 chapter president) knows his way around RPJ, and his experience again proved invaluable during the Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt and the UCPA Rubber Duckie Race. It was Winston’s idea to get RPJ adopting duckies again, too, and members and friends went on to adopt nearly 400 ducks and raise over $2000.

Jason gets his medal at the convention banquet.

Outstanding Executive Vice President of the Trimester: Jason King
Jason set up our accommodations this year at the Bikini Cantina, and it’s been a cool venue the past few months. He’s also been the voice of parliamentarian reason during board meetings. Jason recruited his wife Sarah (Outstanding New Member of the Trimester), and he’s currently searching for venues for our board and member retreat this summer.
Outstanding Membership Development Vice President of the Trimester: Nathan Martin
Nathan has been wearing two hats since he joined the board this year, and he’s wearing them well. He has stabilized our treasury, and he’s recruited several new members along the way, too. Nathan also served on the planning committee for the First Trimester Convention, and his energy and verve is evident on the volleyball courts and during league announcements.
The Outstanding Chapter Presidents for the First Trimester.

Outstanding Chapter President of the Trimester: Elvin Berzabal
Chapter presidents aren’t worth a lick without a great team, and Elvin has the pleasure of working with a great group of guys. The board continues to seek out a few more good men and WOMEN to join them.