Leadership Development Through Community Service

GMM March 2011 – Individual Development (Part 2/2)

Individual Development VP Eugen Schlosser ran a training – “The Power of Body Language” as the night’s main event.  Whether or not we are aware of it our body language conveys a message.  Interpreting that message is not easy.  In fact, before interpretation can be made, a baseline must be consistently established.  Eugen created an exercise that showed timid, aggressive, assertive and casual body language.  Communication is so important, yet, many of us do not use it to our advantage.  The Junior Chamber of Commerce is a LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION that develops skills young people need in order to be leaders.  If you are looking to improve your communication skills contact Eugen, he will help you, eugen.schlosser@gmail.com
Below are images of members conveying the different types of body languages.