Leadership Development Through Community Service

2011 Awards & Installation (part 3/3)

2011 RPJ President Anthony Higa

“Commitment to personal growth”, that is the theme for RPJ in 2011.  President Anthony Higa has a message to current and potential members, “What do you care about?”  RPJ is a PASSION ORIENTED chapter that provides leadership development for what you care about.  His role will be to help you succeed in your passions.  With 4 areas of development, Business, International, Community and Individual, the potentials seem endless. If you are willing to join RPJ is ready to lead.  Get ready for an exciting year and EXPECT GREATNESS of yourselves.
2011 Board of Directors

Starting from the right. Hannes Terber (International Development VP), Eugen Schlosser (Individual Development VP), Bobby Ho (Sports Director), Makana Shook (Business Development VP), Kekoa McClellan (Treasurer), Roger Gumerman (Director at Large), Winston Chow (Chairman of the Board), Jeremy Yamamoto (Executive VP), Eve Epitome (Adviser).
Absent – Jarvis Graham (Community Development VP) and Lydell Fabin (Director at Large).  This good looking team will develop leaders and make a positive impact on Hawaii.