Leadership Development Through Community Service

Press Start Hawaii

The first video game event hosted by RPJ involved new member Mark Parel (center with purple shirt) chairing his first project.  The “Wii Move Kinect Exhibition” displayed all 3 gaming consoles with the respective motion controllers.  Nintendo Wii has the Wii Fit & controller, Playstation 3 has the Move, and XBOX 360 has the Kinect.  Over 20 people showed up on December 12, 2010 at Ka Restaurant.  A special thanks to Bryan Yoshida who allowed RPJ to host the event at the facility.  This is the beginning of video game events by Press Start so if you want to be involved with planning this your leadership opportunity.  If you want to just play then come down and join other gamers with a common interest in a fun atmosphere.  Look forward to more projects in 2011.