Leadership Development Through Community Service



“I don’t think I really felt the impact of the Jaycees and how far the organization extended until I attended Nationals. In a way it’s almost intimidating but also inspiring to see how important being a Jaycee means to other chapters in other states. It was also eye-opening to listen to the types of projects the different states ran.

TOYP was definitely an eye-opener. It was pretty amazing to see young people making a difference and overcoming what others might perceive as obstacles or handicaps.

Meeting the Jaycees from other states was interesting too. We met some great people and especially enjoyed partying with the Texas Jaycees after beating them in Debate 🙂 THis along with the Banzai Party and finding out that we took 1st Place in Debate was definitely the most memorable moment.

I am hoping we could learn more from the other Jaycees and apply some ideas to our own chapter. It was interesting to see how the other Jaycees seemed very involved and passionate about being a member and I am hoping that our own chapter will encourage this attitude throughout our own membership. It really stood out that everyone seemed so proud of their chapter.

Now that I know what to expect and what to work on, I am looking forward to Nationals next year and hope other members will be inspired to go also!”