Leadership Development Through Community Service

Now Accepting Nominations

The chapter’s Thursday, November 12th General Membership Meeting at the Maple Garden is almost upon us, and RPJ is seeking nominations for the 2010 Board of Directors. We are also opening up nominations for Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senator and United States Jaycees Ambassador awards. The official nomination period will last from November 1st to November 30th. Please read the selection overview and download the Ambassador Application form here. The Senatorship application will be available by November 1st.

Individuals who have been in the Jaycee organization for at least five years and who have applied their leadership skills to growing and improving the organization may be awarded a Senatorship in Junior Chamber International (JCI), bearing a unique number. The award confers lifetime membership in JCI. The title of Ambassador is the highest honor that may be granted to an individual member of the United States Junior Chamber.