Leadership Development Through Community Service

Livin’ It Up

Newly-minted members (from left) Jason, Chad, Ellen and Julie with Pat and Eve.
Newly-minted members (from left) Jason, Chad, Ellen and Julie with Pat and Eve.

Second Membership Meeting at the Living Room Highlighted by New Faces and Word Games
Twenty-one people attended Tuesday night’s RPJ General Membership Meeting at the Living Room at Fisherman’s Wharf. Newly crowned International Public Speaking Champion Rebecca Soon led the folks in word games and elicited funny, impromptu speeches from US Jaycees National Vice President Patrick Tomiyasu, 2009 Sports Director Dawn Martin, and longtime RPJ member Dennis Ho (when you see him on the volleyball courts, ask him about his fondness of halter tops). Rebecca also gave a brief presentation on her triumphant trip to the Junior Chamber International Conference of the Americas. The chapter also grew Tuesday night with the induction of four new members: Jason King, Julie Hiromoto, Chad Kawashima and Ellen Tsan. Welcome aboard!
News from the meeting:

  • Ala Moana Jaycees is running this year’s Adopt-A-School Project, and RPJ Director-at-Large Anthony Higa wants to know what you all think: Should the chapter continue with an exclusive relationship with last year’s adopted school Ala Wai Elementary, or should it look at helping another school, too? Please drop us a comment here or email risingphoenixjaycees@yahoo.com.
  • Management Development Vice President Rebecca Soon announced two upcoming workshops: a professional development workshop June 27th at Dole Cannery and the long anticipated Simlife event in July.
  • Sports Director Dawn Martin said she is still fielding questions and comments regarding the volleyball rules until next month’s board meeting, so drop her a comment here or email your concerns to the RPJ email address.
  • Eve Epitome reported that Lanikila Meals-On-Wheels is looking for volunteer weekend drivers. No commitment needed; just volunteer when you can. The organization is offering weekend deliveries this year. Eve also reported that volunteers are needed for the this month’s Special Olympics at the University of Hawai‘i. If you or your friends would like to help with these worthy causes, please drop us a comment here or email us at the RPJ email address.