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Hunting for a Good Time: The Annual Kaimuki Easter Egg Hunt

Event Draws Huge Crowd
The Easter Bunny had to lay a lot of eggs Saturday, April 4th at Kaimuki’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt. 656 children registered for the event, easily surpassing last year’s total of 286. Blustery conditions didn’t deter parents (or Aunty Momi Tamashiro) from bringing their kids, but the windy morning did make the chapter’s bowling game a little easier for the children. However, many of them didn’t need any help at all bowling strikes from distance and close-range (one boy took the bowling ball and tapped each pin down).
The Kaimuki Lions Club and Central Pacific Bank also set up game booths, but the large amount of attendees wiped out their prize caches toward the end of the event. Eight RPJ members volunteered to man the game and prize booth, which offered the winners just enough jelly-bean filled easter eggs, toy cars, sunglasses, water guns, pencils, erasers and stickers to last the whole morning. Thanks to Anna Wong, Charisse Chu, Grant Mizuno, Anthony Higa, Winston Chow, Elvin Berzabal, Eve Epitome and Gayle Takasaki for their help with the event. More pics after the jump.