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Duckie Race Update

Duckie Collection to Begin Around 2:00 pm, Not 5:00 pm
An earlier post incorrectly stated the duckie collection would begin around 5:00 pm. Actually, the collection will begin around 2:00 pm, about 30 minutes after the start. Boons will coral the ducks to the steps where Winston Chow and a couple of other volunteers will take the ducks out. The rest of the volunteers will form a chain to move the ducks into garbage bags, and the bags will be placed into wooden crates. The UCPA will provide nets, gloves, hand sanitizers/wetnaps, and garbage bags. The entire collection should finish around 3:30 pm and not 5:00 pm. Thanks to Gayle Takasaki for spotting the mistake, and to Winston for handling the heavy lifting (and for purchasing new collection baskets).