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First-Year Chapter Member Shows Top-Flight Talent

Rebecca speaking at the 2008 TOYP Banquet
Rebecca speaking at the 2008 TOYP Banquet

RPJ Member Earns Semi-Final Berths at National Convention

by Elvin Berzabal
A lot has happened to Rebecca Soon in her first full year with RPJ, and it came to a head today when she placed in the top five in the National Speak-Up and  C. William Brownfield Memorial Award competitions at the United States Jaycees National Convention in Crystal River, Florida. Rebecca earned the right to represent Hawaii this past January at the Hawaii Jaycees’ year-end convention in Honolulu.
Rebecca has been a very active member in RPJ since she joined in 2007. She was last year’s individual development vice president, and she took the reins of 2008’s Three Outstanding Young Persons Award Banquet, which won a top project honor at the January state convention. Rebecca is back on board again this year as the chapter’s management development vice president.
The Brownfield award—named after the author of the Jaycee Creed—is a resume writing and interviewing competition sponsored by the US Junior Chamber and its state affiliate organizations. The competition is open to any new Junior Chamber member with less than 24 months in the organization. The competition includes an oral interview (50%) and a review of the competitor’s Jaycee resume (50%) or portfolio. Speak-Up is an individual development competition designed to provide Junior Chamber members with the opportunity to develop their verbal communication skills.